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  • Tue

    Creating Better Research Reports

    5:00pm/ HK-timeWebinar & Online Broadcast


    Event url & webinar registration: https://newmr.org/events/2019/the-quality-of-market-research-reports/




    Webinar 30 April – 2 Sessions

    1. 10am UK time (5pm Hong Kong) – click here to register
    2. 5pm New York (2pm Seattle) – click here to register

    Mike Sherman, Neil Gains, and NewMR have partnered to investigate issues surrounding the quality of market research reports in 2019. For example, we are exploring:

    • Whether people believe the quality has been improving or not?
    • What are the key determinants of a good report?
    • Whether the views of the writers of reports differ from those who read them?
    NewMR 30 April 2019