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  • Wed

    Hong Kong Analytics Community

    7:00 pmHong Kong

    Applying demographic analytics to drive economic market understanding

    Organized by Mike Sherman

    Venue: Hong Kong Analytics Community at:
    Cliftons Hong Kong, Hutchison House,  Central Hong Kong 00000


    Event Overview
    Globally, most regions and countries are experiencing unprecedentedly rapid demographic change. The huge expansion of human numbers: four billion added since 1950, is potentially the most obvious example of this change. Projections for the next half century expect a highly divergent world, with stagnation  or potential decline in parts of the developed world and continued rapid growth in the least developed  regions. Other demographic processes are also undergoing extraordinary change: women's fertility has  dropped rapidly and life expectancy has risen to new highs.
    Come along to our next Hong Kong analytics community event and hear about how demographic analytics can be used to drive value in your enterprise.

    *Please note this event has limited capacity and all attendees must be registered in advance.   All invitations will be confirmed one week before the event.  If you can no longer attend, please make sure to update your invitee status to indicate no longer attending so that others who want to attend, can.

    Registration and more information here:

    Mark Peacock, Senior Manager, Arthur D.Little
    Bastien Douglas, Organisationsal Development & Community Organiser, Open Data Hong Kong
    Asif Ghafoor, CEO & Founder at Spacious
    Dr. Sam Chiu, General Manager, Products and Solutions Experian Marketing Services – Greater China